In the San Francisco Bay Area, the views are breathtaking, the buildings are historic, and space is at a premium. This combination can leave office spaces oddly shaped and with features that don’t serve a purpose—and more importantly, that don’t serve your purpose.

An office that falls short can hinder your day-to-day business and keep it from thriving. Small spaces crowd your employees, create clutter, and make it harder to get work done. And outdated appearances can send clients looking elsewhere.

Whether you’re facing some of these problems or all of them, you’ve made detailed plans to either renovate your office or move to a new one. The next step is to find your contractor. Rossi Builders is the top office building construction service in the Bay Area. Since 1934, we’ve been the reliable choice to bring your office designs to life.

What Kinds of Offices Do We Renovate?

San Francisco offices range from recently erected modern high rises to the historic structures built in the wake of the 1906 earthquake. Whether your current (or future) office soars above the rooftops with a view of the city or feels the pulse of Mission Street through its many-paned windows, we have over 80 years of experience with the Bay Area’s eclectic architecture.

Bringing warmth to a high rise office’s reception area with contemporary wood paneling and opening it up with floor-to-ceiling glass walls requires one set of skills. Embracing the Bay Area’s history with exposed brick walls and rough-hewn timber requires another. We have both, and can build any professional office, in any San Francisco building, in any neighborhood.

What’s Your Project?

A blank canvas awaits for you to paint a successful office into your empty commercial space. Rossi Builders has experience in all the professional commercial construction disciplines needed to bring this canvas to life. Whatever your office design includes, we can craft it.

  • Modern and attractive reception areas to welcome clients
  • Functional common areas for finishing collaborative projects
  • Cleverly designed storage areas to maximize available space
  • Luxurious executive offices with refined finishes
  • Conference rooms with expansive views to impress partners

Combining the creativity of your architect with the craftsmanship of the commercial construction contractor you’ve chosen results in the perfect expression of your design. Rossi Builders has the experience to match your vision. Whether the plan calls for the refined wood paneling of a top-level legal firm or warehouse storage for a leader in the food delivery industry, we can install any structure needed, give it a professional fit and finish, and do it within your timeline and budget.

collage of interior renovation work | Rossi Builders Photos

Instead of starting with a blank page, renovating your existing workspace is more like working within an existing draft, revising what’s already there. Building around existing framework and features can be a challenge, but can have impressive results. More challenging is building around your business, which needs to keep working while renovations are underway.

Rossi Builders has the fluidity and flexibility to work around your business hours, to do renovations when they’re least disruptive or after your employees leave for the day. Our exceptional communication minimizes our work’s impact on the day-to-day operations of your office. No matter the setting or style of your space, we know how to ensure the work is done on time, done correctly, and done within the budget allocated. Our renovation work includes:

  • Changing paint and material to give an office a whole new look
  • Joining consecutive spaces together to create a larger office
  • Modernizing facilities for functionality while maintaining stylistic period details
  • Enhancing existing structures with new fittings and furnishings

Combining the old with the new creates a novel look that embodies, embraces, and expands San Francisco’s architectural story. Let Rossi Builders help you write your own chapter.

collage of interior office renovations | Rossi Builders Photos

Whatever your business and its needs, Rossi Builders can tailor an office to suit you.

Just look at our portfolio, and you’ll not only see the skill and experience Rossi Builders brings to commercial construction, but the expansive range of office markets we serve. Tax and accountancy service RSM welcomes clients with panoramic views of the entire Bay Area from their 39th floor office. Skincare giant Rodan + Fields occupies 150,000 square feet of a premier business park in San Ramon. And dignified Presidio Bank serves customers in a classic yet modern setting in historic downtown San Mateo.

To get started on an office that better suits your needs, contact Rossi Builders.