In just the last twenty years, technology has completely changed how we work, how we shop, how we play—in short, how we live our lives. So for the companies working to create the next big app or world-changing device, there’s no room for the conventional approach—or a conventional office. Changing the world, or even just an industry, calls for an office that fires up the imagination and allows for creative solutions. Building your new tech office, updating your existing one, or renovating an industrial building into a collaborative space requires a construction company that knows what it’s doing.

Rossi Builders has the skills to create workspaces that support your team’s innovative efforts. Our experience includes building everything from collaborative open offices to modern conference areas that seamlessly integrate technology. Technology has changed a lot since Rossi Builders began working in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1934, but we have adapted with it. As we’ve grown, our experience has expanded to include building everything from conference centers to rock climbing walls, from server rooms to custom arcade cabinets.

Extraordinary Workspaces Ignite Creative Solutions

The tech revolution has brought with it fun and innovative office spaces that promote nontraditional thinking and solving problems from unusual angles. The unique work and play spaces designed for tech offices should be built by professional, experienced firms. You want builders with a willingness—and the ability—to communicate about the construction process, to help you create exactly the workspaces you need to spark the original thinking your company thrives on.

But creating the next killer app or developing a new digital platform requires more than just the fun stuff. The key ingredient is originality, sure, but your company also requires practical business solutions, like multiple meeting rooms and numerous in-floor electrical boxes to run laptops—whether in offices, in the bullpen, at standing desks, or in the room with all those comfy bean bag chairs. If you want to pioneer changes from an executive desk, a fully equipped immersive media pod, or even on a staircase, we have the know-how to make your original workplace a practical one, too.

Collaborative Office Layouts Improve Integration

Today’s technology needs this sort of original thinking. It’s called the collaborative office, and the forms it takes are nearly as unlimited as the digital frontier. Whatever your preferred configuration, translating your architect’s vision into reality requires a construction contractor with diverse skills and experience turning dynamic foresight into present reality. We at Rossi Builders have the communication skills to hone your vision of the perfect collaborative office and the experience to give it a professional fit and finish.

innovative tech office renovation in an industrial building | Rossi Builders Photos


We turned Atlassian’s 42,000 sq ft industrial space into two levels of conference rooms, collaborative workspaces, recreation areas, and multiple cafeterias. This app developer’s San Francisco tech office now demonstrates and enables their core value: teamwork.

isolated lounge areas in tech offices | Rossi Builders Photos


We built out ServiceNow’s new offices to seamlessly fuse exotic materials and unique details. ServiceNow’s professional no-nonsense reception and conference area give way to a brighter, funkier work environment in back. Nontraditional seating and gathering areas mean that the meet ups needed for seamless teamwork can happen just about anywhere.

exposed timbers in a tech office remodel | Rossi Builders Photos


Financial platform developer Anaplan’s two-level office space in a timber-framed masonry building was unified with a center stairwell and rugged design cues throughout. With timber framing, steel railings, and fiber optic cables running in overhead racks, this building bridges time between past industry and new technology.

conference room technology | Rossi Builders Photos


We turned application development firm caTech’s location into a technological showcase. With modern reception areas and conference rooms that boast three large television screens in a tasteful installation, caTech’s new space offers unparalleled teleconferencing for coordinating with clients and employees across the country.

Combining Form and Function for a New Solution

Tech firms need spaces that spark innovation. Creating those spaces calls for a construction contractor with extraordinary communication skills, technical knowledge, and building expertise. Rossi Builders understands your vision and has the know-how to develop concrete plans, adhere to them while keeping to schedule and within budget, and turn innovative designs into a reality.

Rossi Builders can turn an exotic idea into a real-world office that is safe, durable, comfortable, and functional, while still being fun. Not only do we have the skills and experience, but we’ve had the pulse of San Francisco in our veins since 1934—we’re no strangers to the quirky, the eccentric, and the revolutionary. Whatever your vision of the perfect tech office is, we can make it happen.

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