Bay Area buildings have a tough job. They stand in the outdoors around the clock day after day, year after year, in San Francisco’s finicky weather, and they’re still expected to create a good first impression. It’s a difficult task, especially for older construction or historic buildings that have endured for generations. Whether your building’s exterior is showing the wear and tear of San Francisco’s infamous elements or is suffering from a previous owner’s neglect, it may be time for an upgrade. An exterior renovation can restore a building’s facades, frontages, and signage to its former glory, or it can give an aging building a new look in styles that range from classic to ultramodern.

At Rossi Builders, we have the know-how to renovate a building’s exterior from the foundation up to the roof. Our skills include everything from masonry and concrete work to signage and the electrical skills needed to light it up. We’ve been renovating and refreshing buildings in San Francisco since 1934, and we offer a high-quality experience—along with the best commercial exterior renovation services in the Bay Area—to bring your building’s exterior to life within budget, on schedule, and to your specifications.

Makeovers Begin Below the Surface

Exterior renovations are more than just a new coat of paint. The weather around San Francisco Bay is hard on the entire building exterior. Paint peels, wood rots, and even brick and concrete are not weatherproof, with mortar loosening over time and concrete developing stains. Creating a new appearance that will last means dealing with these issues: replacing rotten boards and missing bricks, removing stains from concrete, and seamlessly blending new stucco in with the existing to recreate the building’s look from when it was brand new. Rossi Builders will also seal surfaces to prevent leak damage from happening again. When all the prep work is done, the finishing touches give the building a look that is both appealing and long lasting.

Giving Buildings a Sharp New Look

Hardware can now highlight the improved exterior. New or restored lighting fixtures and other fittings can elevate your building’s exterior. Whether you’re restoring or re-envisioning a Spanish Mission style, turn-of-the-century Art Deco, or a Victorian storefront in Haight-Ashbury, Rossi Builders is the choice for a complete and thorough renovation of a Bay Area commercial building’s exterior.

ground-up construction with glass entryway | Rossi Builders Photos


Real estate developer Wareham operates out of an upscale space. In this ground-up construction by Rossi, a steel frame exterior is complemented by architectural wood framing and gleaming floor-to-ceiling glasswork. Simultaneous with the office space construction was an interior renovation for their tenant next door—updating the office and research facility for Rodan + Fields.

exterior renovation of retail space | Rossi Builders Photos


Jewelry store Kerns stands out from its surroundings. A facade that includes a classic arch over the entryway, complete with a clock face directly above the door creates an elegant and recognizable look for store that specializes in luxury watches and other fine jewelry.

exterior renovations on historic building | Rossi Builders Photos


The Center for Elders’ Independence administration center has a classic early twentieth-century facade. A masonry front is enhanced with stoneware trim around the side and tops of the windows, and decorative stoneware set below the windows brings the architecture of the twentieth century forward.

Bespoke Exteriors That Fit Just Right

Whatever your business and building type, we’re the company that can change your space to suit your business perfectly. Whether you’re restoring a building to its original glory with reproduction period stoneware or hardware, changing it into a contemporary showcase with wood sheathing, or bringing back a gritty industrial look with corrugated metal cladding, Rossi Builders has the experience to do the job right. From new paint down to the last handrail, we communicate with you to dress your business smartly in exactly the right style.

Get started on an exterior renovation that better suits your needs. Contact Rossi Builders.