San Francisco is a city with a lot of historic buildings that have been around since the early twentieth century. With exposed masonry walls and hefty timber framing, these building are increasingly rare and worth preserving. Unfortunately, though they’re lovely to look at, these historic buildings are seldom set up for modern business.

Even if your building isn’t historic, it may still need improvements to serve your purposes or comply with earthquake safety regulations. Either way, your space is in need of a building upgrade from the ground up. At Rossi Builders, we have the craftsmanship and hands-on experience and to give a newly rebuilt facade a professional finish. We also have the knowledge of materials, structures, and systems to renovate the core of your building, too. With over 80 years of construction experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have the know-how to upgrade the interior and exterior of a commercial building, from the foundation to the roof.

Exterior Renovations Give Your Buildings a Sharp New Style

A worn or dated exterior doesn’t really entice prospective tenants, clients, or employees. If your paint is peeling, your stucco is cracking, and your facade is slipping, then your business isn’t drawing the right attention. The same may be true if your building’s appearance is fine, but simply dated. We can easily rebuild the exteriors of existing buildings, and give them an improved, attractive appearance. If you own a building that’s starting to show its age, Rossi Builders can help restore it, or give it a sharp new style that shows you’re on the leading edge of business.

Interior Upgrades Create Comfort and Improve Safety and Efficiency

The interior layout of your building’s floor plan is important to your workflow. Inconveniently placed walls can block or hinder communication, and improper fittings can damage equipment. We can help with renovations from the large to small—from a complete rebuild down to the space’s bones, to removing an inconvenient wall, to minor paint and carpet changes. If you find yourself dealing with an interior that isn’t up to your standards, give Rossi Builders a call. We’ll work with your schedule to get the job done with as little disruption as possible.

Rossi Builders has experience with the following projects:

Comprehensive building upgrades require more than just patching up surfaces or changing the decor. Modern businesses run on technology that wasn’t even imaginable twenty years ago. A building built even a few decades past might not have a place for your internet service provider to connect, let alone wiring to support multiple workstations. It may even lack AC ducts, and have no convenient place to put them. Simple things like the plumbing may not be up to snuff, and insulation against the Bay Area’s tempestuous weather might not exist.

What’s called for in a building that lacks these basic needs, yet is structurally sound, is an upgrade from the ground up. Wood frame structures can be repaired, with decayed wood replaced. Masonry and concrete structures can be patched. Walls and ceilings can be removed and replaced with modern materials that are friendlier towards wiring and ventilation ducts. The whole building can be replumbed, and when all that is done, amenities can be installed.

refurbishing historical building facades | Rossi Builders Photos

Other times the space and features offered by an older building can’t be upgraded. Either the space just isn’t enough, or the cost of an upgrade exceeds the price of a new structure. When this happens, companies have the option to build a new structure, or create an addition to an existing building that offers the space they need.

From laying the foundations to your new building to integrating a new addition to an existing structure, Rossi Builders knows how to build from start to finish. From the ground up, your project will be impeccably planned and precisely executed. It’s craftsmanship you can trust to see that your new commercial office building or addition is built right.

exterior renovations and ground-up construction | Rossi Builders Photos

Earthquakes are a part of life in San Francisco. If you live in the Bay Area, then you know that a large earthquake will inevitably happen again. As of 2013, San Francisco has mandated that all soft story buildings be retrofitted to withstand the shear forces of a large earthquake. Building owners need to apply for permits by September of 2018, and complete the upgrade by 2020. Those that do not comply by the deadline may be issued abatements that do not allow them to do business until they are in compliance. Although most of these soft story building are residences, some buildings with ground floor retail spaces are at risk as well, and there are other earthquake codes with which you’ll need to comply.

ground-up construction projects | Rossi Builders Photos

If your business or company works out of an older building, then its seismic resistance may be due for an update. We’ve been in commercial construction in San Francisco since 1934, and not only have we seen our share of earthquakes, but we can help prepare your building for the next one, with:

  • Strengthening the existing structure to better resist motion. When the ground is shaking beams can shift on columns, straining the connection and risking full separation. Greater reinforcement of these joints can help prevent separation.
  • External reinforcement of the structure. Brick, unreinforced concrete, and similar structures may not allow for enough lateral motion to survive an earthquake. Shifting loads from an older external structure to a modern exterior support can increase the survivability of these buildings.
  • Building isolation and motion dampening. The foundations of some buildings can be isolated from ground movements, reducing the forces on the building. In other cases, the motion of an earthquake can be counterbalanced by weight swinging the opposite direction. Both techniques reduce the seismic forces affecting the building, and help keep it intact.

You’ve worked too hard to build your business to let a little thing like the earth moving give you pause. You can count on us to help your building—and your business—last into the future.

Sensible, Safe, and Stylish San Francisco Building Upgrades

There are many reasons your existing building might not suit your business. It may be too small for your growing company. Your work needs may have outgrown the building’s layout. The interior may be dated, or it may have aged to the point where you worry it’s becoming a safety risk. Whatever the reason, Rossi Builders has the know-how in construction, and the experience in San Francisco, to build or rebuild an existing building from the ground up.

From the very bones of the building to the decor, Rossi Builders has the expertise to get the job done right. We also have the experience with planning, permitting, and scheduling to get everything needed for a complete building upgrade in the San Francisco Bay Area done on time, and within your budget. We have a track record you can trust, and would love to take your existing building and show you just how amazing it can become.

Get started on a building upgrade that better suits your needs. Contact Rossi Builders.