Healthcare has changed a lot since Rossi Builders started in 1934. Back then, doctors made house calls, and health insurance had barely emerged as a concept. Now, many patients can benefit from a full array of healthcare options with access to specialists’ offices and entire medical campuses. Whether your work is done in a private practice or in a medical office building shared with other healthcare providers, Rossi Builders has the experience to build a top-quality medical facility in any location, no matter how specialized your equipment or needs.

Rossi Builders can construct or convert a space anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area into any number of different healthcare facility types:


The science of healthcare has stringent requirements and exacting standards. It also has immeasurable life-saving potential. For those looking to build laboratories—whether for research or healthcare testing—Rossi Builders can meet and exceed your specifications.


Whether your office is a family practice treating common illnesses or an urgent care clinic intercepting frantic parents, we’ve got the know-how to set any commercial construction concerns at ease, giving you a facility with a clean bill of health.


Whether it’s surgery to change how patients see, how they look, or how they function, Rossi Builders has experience with the full spectrum. From a LASIK day procedure to plastic surgery, we can help make your practice fully operational.


Geriatric services are both specialized and comprehensive, so naturally, their facilities mirror those needs. If your space requires a medical clinic, a kitchen, a rehab facility, recovery rooms, and comfortable common areas with high-quality furnishings, we can help bring all of those things under one roof.

There is a lot to keep track of when outfitting and creating a new medical space or renovating an old one, whether it is a small private practice or a large fully-equipped diagnostic laboratory. Healthcare building construction requires attention to detail, communication, and above all else, familiarity with medical construction and its requirements. From getting the proper permits to ensuring mechanical and ventilation systems meet OSHPD standards, Rossi Builders has experience with all the intricacies of building and renovating medical facilities.

What’s Your Project?

Launching your own private medical practice has many rewards. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours, pursue your own specialty, and apply your hard-earned knowledge to what you ultimately set out to do—taking care of people. It does, however, also come with many challenges—creating a private practice is considered one of the most difficult endeavors in medicine.

Creating a medical office that meets the requirements of California’s codes doesn’t have to be part of this challenge. Rossi Builders has decades of experience building out spaces as healthcare offices—complete with all the equipment a private medical practice needs. We construct, renovate, or retrofit spaces that not only meet the stringent requirements set by the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, but are also completed on time and within budget. We’re in the business of taking care of people, too.

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Modern medical office buildings are sophisticated. In addition to exam rooms, they require inviting reception areas, offices for researching case studies, and functional space to process documents and records. Many also contain potentially dangerous equipment like X-ray and MRI machines that often use hazardous materials and therefore need specialized rooms and power arrangements to operate safely.

At Rossi Builders, we’re familiar with the requirements of large medical office buildings. We can build everything from the reception desk with high-speed internet connection to MRI rooms with proper ventilation to X-ray rooms with shields that screen the technician. We have experience constructing and equipping every aspect and department of a medical office building, from neurology to podiatry. We will create a space that accommodates the equipment you need and lives up to the standards you and your patients require across years of use.

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Laboratories are defined by their highly specialized equipment, all of which require specific tolerances to operate correctly. At Rossi Builders, we already know that fume hoods require a separate ventilation system from the building, and we have practice safely integrating it into a space’s structure and layout. We understand that you’ll want separate refrigerators to keep different samples at different temperatures and that you’ll need the alcoves wired to the correct voltage for both, and that it matters to your test results that the equipment benches are anchored exactly to exact specifications. Tight joints are important for keeping positive and negative air pressures in the right rooms, and clean finishes are important everywhere to be able to maintain a sterile working environment.

Results in a laboratory depend on accuracy at every stage of your work. A single missed variable can waste all your efforts, so precision and deliberation are key. When building your laboratory space, trust our attention to small details, exceptional communication abilities, and professional dedication to quality workmanship to deliver a lab that is built precisely to your specifications.

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Rossi Builders is your Best Choice for Medical or Laboratory Construction in the San Francisco Bay Area

Whether your medical practice is serving your neighborhood’s needs in the Mission or you’re fitting out a cutting-edge laboratory in Mission Bay, Rossi Builders has the know-how and experience to equip your medical facility to spec, on time, and within budget. Our satisfied customers include medical practices such as Dignity Health, Center for Elders Independence, and Life Technologies bioresearch. Explore our healthcare work in our portfolio, or reach out to us today to discuss how we could help you with your healthcare facility construction project.

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