Businesses beginning, expanding, or upgrading in the San Francisco Bay Area usually don’t want to build an entirely new building. It’s likely far more than they need, and very expensive, too. Besides, the Bay Area already has incredible, character-filled historic buildings with empty spaces waiting for new tenants to breathe life into them. All that’s needed is an interior renovation to adapt them to a new use, and a construction company to perform that renovation.

At Rossi Builders, we know all about construction in San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area. We’ve been in business here since 1934. We know about the city’s historic architecture because we’ve been party to its growth for over 80 years. Our portfolio ranges from lobbies to rooftop terraces, from office buildings to healthcare labs and everything in between. Let us complete your interior renovations—on time, within budget, and using exceptional communication that ensures the result is just what you wanted.

Does Your Business Need a New Location or an Upgrade?

Commercial buildings don’t come ready for business. Once the drywall is up and the ceiling is installed, the building owner’s work is done—and it’s up to the tenant to plan the layout of their new retail, office, healthcare, or other workspace. Your architect can draw up the perfect plans for your business, but making it a reality requires a contractor with specialized skills and experience.

We have those skills, and decades of experience navigating permitting and building codes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rossi Builders is the top construction company to build out the interior of your commercial space, and our extraordinary communication skills ensure that it’s built exactly to your specifications, on time, and within budget.

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When a business leaves its previous space, specialized wiring and equipment often remain behind. The equipment must be removed and the infrastructure that supported it be changed to support your incoming business. We at Rossi Builders have the manpower to remove unneeded equipment, change the wiring as needed, patch up the holes that are left behind, and even change the whole layout of the space by adding or removing walls as structural considerations permit.

If your business is moving into an established commercial building, you may need to change modifications by prior tenants to better suit you. Trust a knowledgeable construction company with decades of experience in interior renovations to tailor an existing commercial space to your needs. Trust Rossi Builders to open your new location on time, on budget, and in a space rebuilt to your specifications.

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Often when businesses are just starting out, their space is focused on functionality, and they skip everything but the absolute essentials. This leads to makeshift workarounds and perplexingly unnecessary features. An industrial-sized sink is a must-have for a restaurant, but it’s simply bizarre in your tech company’s break room. Once you’re established, however, it’s time for you to work out of a space that perfectly suits your profession.

Now, the only challenge is that you need to keep working during renovations. We understand this, and have the communication skills to plan the project around your schedule, and years of experience completing projects with minimal disruptions. It’s experience that you can trust to plan out a schedule that keeps your business running while interior renovations take place.

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Rossi Builders Has Experience with All Types of Interiors

Whether you’re in healthcare, own a retail establishment, or are looking for office space renovations, we’ve worked on buildings in your field, creating the spaces your industry needs. In short, we have orchestrated tenant improvements from the functional to the fanciful.

Creating a Great First Impression

The first thing people see when they enter a building is the lobby. It’s what shapes the whole experience. A lobby that is unfinished looks unprofessional, and a tired, worn out entryway gives visitors the wrong impression. A finely fitted out lobby or a freshly renovated one shows prospective tenants, buyers, and clients that the building is well maintained, and has management that pays attention to the details.

With something as important as a first impression on the line, you want to be sure that your building’s lobby is done right. Structural and cosmetic upgrades need to be of the highest quality, have a tight fit and professional finish, and be built to last. Rossi Builders has the knowledge to renovate your lobby from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, and beyond.

Industrial Renovations Turn Factories and Warehouses into Office, Tech, and Retail Spaces

Factories and warehouses around the Bay Area that are no longer in use often stand in prime locations and offer the kind of large spaces that are hard to find in San Francisco. Converting these spaces into spacious shops or large collaborative work areas that modern technology companies favor requires specialized skills.

With our decades of construction experience, we have the knowledge and know-how to rehabilitate a building’s structure and fill it with the modern conveniences. From restoring period skylights and windows with the help of a glazier to creating out-of-the-way places to run fiber optic cables, telecommunication wires, and AC ducting, we’ll convert an industrial space into technology and design studios of the highest functionality. And they’ll also be places employees enjoy.

Creating building amenities that people enjoy

A building can have the wiring, lights, HVAC, plumbing, sprinklers, and everything else that building codes require, and still feel empty. Amenities are what make empty spaces into useful rooms where people can live and work every day. Amenities come in countless varieties, and a few that we’re particularly good at building are:

professional conference room construction | Rossi Builders Photos


Conference rooms for planning the next steps and keeping projects moving forward. A strategic business plan requires coordinating your efforts, both in-person and from afar. A conference center that seamlessly integrates communications technology into a tastefully styled room that matches your office’s decor is a modern business must-have. Rossi Builders can provide pristine conference spaces that impress clients and help you get the job done.

office kitchen renovation with eclectic tile | Rossi Builders Photos


Comfortable and fully equipped cafeterias let staff refuel and refresh themselves for the rest of the day. A comfortable dining area for staff is an important way of ensuring that their workplace is somewhere they like to be. And it requires more than just a few tables and chairs. Spacious counters for food prep with deep sinks and comfortable built-in booths are just a few of the construction options that make a difference in how employees enjoy the space.

plush conference room remodel | Rossi Builders Photos


Lounges and reception areas that make a statement. Whether it’s the reception area of an office, a lounge for visitors, or the dining area of a restaurant, seating areas are going to be where impressions are made. Reception areas can show your philosophy with reclaimed pallets repurposed as room dividers, impress with their taste and elegance, or encourage conversation with wrap-around booth seating. Whatever your preferred style, Rossi Builders has the skills from decades of experience to build it.

tenant improvement bathroom remodel | Rossi Builders Photos


Modern restroom facilities that are comfortable and easily cleaned. Whatever the decor of your building, a public restroom should strive to match it, while providing an amenity for employee and client comfort. It also needs to be hygienic and easy to clean in order to retain that comfort. With years of experience designing elegant yet serviceable restrooms, we know how to meet the needs of both interior styling and cleanliness.

Put Decades of Experience Behind Your San Francisco Interior Renovation

After over 80 years of working in San Francisco, Rossi Builders has seen—and built—countless amenities in every type of building for every type of business across the Bay Area. Interior styles from rustic to modern and industries from tech to retail are our business, and delivering completed renovations on time, as specified, and in budget is our pride. We create beautiful and functional places to live and work. Rossi Builders has experience that you can trust when renovating interior spaces, and communication skills that are as exceptional as your vision. Contact us to begin making that vision a reality.

Get started on an interior renovation that better suits your needs. Contact Rossi Builders.