The Equitable Life Building located at 100 Montgomery Street in San Francisco’s Financial District is home to many prominent businesses. The building’s owners wanted to use the rooftop area of the smaller of its two towers to create a park-like lounge where people could relax, socialize, and take a break from their busy work days. They were hoping such an upscale building amenity would attract tenants and increase property value. Rossi Builders delivered, creating a relaxing and refined rooftop oasis that makes the Equitable Life Building an attractive workspace for leading San Francisco companies.

The project allowed Rossi to exercise our impressive planning muscles. Special permitting was required to shut down one of the city’s busiest streets so materials could be lifted to the 16th floor rooftop—and it all had to be carefully orchestrated, since the permit allocated one specific window of time. Our coordination and communication allowed that and other elements of the build to move seamlessly, and our craftsmanship and experience produced impressive results.

The finished terrace provides urban green space and comfortable seating areas that tenants can use to take a break from the concrete jungle. Near the entrance a steel-framed patio provides cover from the elements, but its glass roof allows an unobstructed view of the cityscape. By transforming this rooftop into a terrace retreat, Rossi Builders provided capital improvements that have paid dividends for the owners, while adding beauty to the downtown San Francisco skyline.

Photo Credit: R. Brad Knipstein

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