Wareham Development is a Bay Area real estate development and property management company that drives economic growth through its commercial developments. They had a healthcare property at 801 Anthony Street in Berkeley, California that needed a major renovation and seismic upgrade, and they wanted to build an addition to it which would serve as their main headquarters. They chose Rossi Builders to complete the entire project, as we have the experience needed to manage a concurrent remodel, seismic retrofit, and ground-up construction on time and on budget.

Our work at 801 Anthony Street was multifaceted. The new office we built from the ground up for Wareham Development features a modern, open design, with interior ceilings that go all the way up to the framing, and a full-height glass frontage that looks out on its steel-framed, timber rafter pergola. The remodel and seismic upgrade of the existing concrete structure had to be managed and organized with the space’s current tenant, Rodan + Fields. Working with owner, tenant, and architect, we renovated their space to provide an open office, private office, conference room, and lab research facility. These updated areas are spacious, open, and flexible enough for the tenant’s needs. In fact, Rodan + Fields was so pleased with our work, they reached out to us when they expanded into the Bishop Ranch Complex. Now both structures at 801 Anthony Street are sleek, functional, and more resistant to seismic activity, and Wareham Development has a main office as impressive as the properties it manages.


Photo Credit: R. Brad Knipstein

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