Anaplan is a software provider that helps businesses meet their financial, supply chain, and other enterprise planning needs. Companies like Del Monte, Hewlett Packard, and United Airlines turn to their Anaplan Connected Planning platform when they need results. To meet their San Francisco office’s remodeling needs, however, Anaplan turned to Rossi Builders for professional construction and quality finish.

The job called for experience in carpentry, metal working, and systems networking to work with the exposed timber framing—and around it. To match the structure’s exposed beams, our team continued that aesthetic on the statement staircase and surrounding individual office rooms, giving the space a cohesive rustic feel. The natural textures of the work spaces were contrasted by high-tech and industrial highlights overhead like exposed air ducts, fiber optic cable running through overhead racks and conduits, and the industrial steel elements of the staircase, working together to give the space a refreshed, innovative vibe. Its eclectic feel is accomplished throughout this two-level office space by the marriage of rough-hewn and massive timber, lighter metal elements with clean strong lines, and finely finished floors and modern furnishings.


Photo Credit: R. Brad Knipstein

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