Atlassian Software’s American Headquarters on Harrison Street is one of our proudest achievements. Completed in 2012, this 42,000 square foot renovation displays exceptional attention to detail, showcasing cutting-edge design as well as Rossi Builder’s superb craftsmanship. The project earned a Merit Award of Interior Architecture in the American Institute of Architects San Francisco Design Awards. Since then it’s been the envy of countless Bay Area businesses.

Atlassian Software was a fast-growing business. When they outgrew the space we built out for them in 2008, they reached out to Rossi Builders once again for a larger, updated space—one that would also reflect their open, transparent culture. We built them a workplace that feels like its own city within San Francisco; flush with amenities like welcoming cafes, massage chairs, and an open central courtyard with bean-bag seating. With these exciting features, Atlassian’s U.S. office has become a far more collaborative environment.

Glazed surfaces on the interior allow daylight to brighten the space naturally. Software engineers and CEOs sit together in glass conference rooms, and public spaces aren’t constrained by closed-off offices. One of the building’s focal points is an airy blonde wood and glass bleacher. This amphitheater-style seating area has become a town square where employees can hold meetings, presentations, or have informal brainstorms. It can even be used for company-wide family movie nights. The building’s layout and design is a visual reminder for Atlassian employees to always strengthen their community and work together as a team.


Photo Credit: Jasper Sanidad

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