GI Partners is a private equity and real estate investment group whose office needed its interior space renovated to echo their polished reputation and iconic location. Nestled on the historic Embarcadero waterfront, GI Partners wanted a space redolent of the area’s nautical history—something that would feel perfectly positioned against the stunning backdrop of the Bay Bridge from their conference room windows.

Our years of expertise show in many of this project’s specifics. Rossi Builders renovated the office’s entire interior, implementing precise details that give this design its unique cruise ship motif. Sleek and glossy woodwork suggests a ship’s planked decking, with teak floors purchased from a vendor who manufactures high-end yachts. The customized ceiling in GI Partners’ conference room not only evokes a ship’s hull, but features a specialized wood soffit covered with Eurospan fabric, a material for optimizing acoustics. This structure also houses the HVAC, ductwork, return air, and lighting components as a way to maximize space without compromising design. The reception desk’s impeccable woodwork, a display of quality craftsmanship with each curved surface, serves as a focal point the instant you walk through their door. Inspired by their view and location, GI Partners now has an office that’s clean, modern, and effortlessly classy.


Photo Credit: Cesar Rubio

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