Jones Hall, one of California’s top bond counsel firms, was seeking some major remodeling. As a respected figure in the legal field, they needed an interior office space as polished and impressive as their firm’s reputation. They went with Rossi Builders, as our team had the expertise needed to build an extraordinary space for this accomplished company.

We rebuilt their office’s bones, starting with key layout changes. To ensure a highly functional space, we updated the plumbing and cooling systems. We rebuilt their server room and conference rooms to accommodate new and changing technology. And to help the Jones Hall team work efficiently alone or in groups, we added new private and open office spaces. With the heart of the office rebuilt, we turned a trained eye to style.

The office’s details needed a sleek new look. Opening up the ceiling to reveal duct work gave the space the industrial chic treatment. We gave the reception area, conference rooms, kitchen, and break rooms a glossy makeover with white walls and chrome accents. The flooring received a much-needed overhaul, with stylized carpet tiles in the office, and sealed concrete in the entry and break rooms. With the renovation done, Jones Hall is left with an upscale office that communicates confidence—to both employees and clients alike.


Photo Credit: Jasper Sanidad

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