Kerns Fine Jewelry in Burlingame, CA, has been selling quality jewelry and luxury watches since 1944. But moving their shop into a 1928 building meant they needed a complete interior and exterior renovation—so they enlisted Rossi Builders. We rebuilt the interior walls and floors with luxurious high-quality materials to echo their refined wares. The exterior facade was recreated with a build out and signage that showed Kerns’ upscale branding. The result is a building that exudes the classic luxury of Kerns’ merchandise.

The new Kerns Fine Jewelry stands out as the most striking building on Lorton Avenue. The storefront’s wide windows and glass entryway allow passersby to admire a glittering display, while the elegant arch over the entrance beckons shoppers inside. The interior is paneled with polished wood, and glass cases display and highlight opulent pieces while keeping them protected. And the new lighting sets off every jewel to perfection. The result is a retail store that shines as brightly as the luxury merchandise it provides.


Photo Credit: R. Brad Knipstein

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