Leading biotech company Nurix needed a complete renovation of their San Francisco headquarters to support their research. They had to find a construction company with the technical expertise to build laboratory facilities while also renovating their office spaces. Not only that, but they needed a team that was also able to work around Nurix’s schedule, so they could continue innovating throughout construction. Rossi Builders had all the qualifications Nurix was looking for, and then some.

Their laboratory was renovated to accommodate highly specialized equipment. Eight-foot fume hoods were installed throughout their lab spaces, allowing testing to take place simultaneously and safely. A freestanding Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) room was also built to Nurix’s technical specifications. Rossi isolated the room through special walls, an independent HVAC system, and even had the lighting built to stringent tolerances to ensure a freestanding and self-contained space where no external factors could interfere with taking accurate measurements.

Nurix’s highest priority was their desire to continue working while construction was underway, so they would not lose productivity. We adjusted our process to meet their needs. The renovation project was done in several phases, allowing the growing company to continue their work while their space was under construction. The result is a gleaming new interior that can support all aspects of a cutting-edge biotech company’s administration and research facility needs.


Photo Credit: R. Brad Knipstein

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